Each EuRec machine is built by specialized assembly teams using he latest production technologies, traditional assembly process and a durable welded structure. All equipment is built according to customer-approved specifications, ensuring the highest quality and workmanship standards. If you are not yet sure what exactly you need, contact your EuRec representative about custom solutions in the design. We are satisfied if we can only build a machine adopted to your needs.

Slow-Speed Shredders (two-shafts)

Core business of EuRec is the design and manufacturing of high-quality two-shaft, slow-speed shredders. Since company foundation in 1995, high-grade and reliable machines for waste reduction are offered. Being innovative is of high priority for EuRec, that’s why machines are constantly developing and improving. Preliminary shredders of our offer are available in different designs and sizes. Which shredder is the right one for you, e.g. depends on the requested output grain size, the composition of your material and the daily arising amount of waste.

Screening Equipment

In many countries of the world, there is a high percentage of wet organic material containing in the domestic waste. But how does it work, that the wet components are separated reliably from the dry components and that the screen holes of a drum screen are not blocked with material? Years ago, EuRec got to the bottom of things and after intensive research and development, with the EuRec Disc Separator, an entirely new, low-maintenance high-performance separation technology was brought to the market and proved fully. With this machine, the separation into organic and high-caloric fraction happens reliably and almost trouble-free. Because of the disc design, its self-cleaning and therefore blockage-free screen deck prevents clogging and blockages from the beginning.

Dosing Bunkers

EuRec Feeding and Dosing Bunkers were designed to regulate material flows and to guarantee an equal feeding of subsequently arranged technical equipment. Market proven engineering was taken up and developed further. The result was a product that even deals with difficult material like residential or biological waste. Optimal operation is made possible by a pushing floor that is divided in separate segments, by double-acting hydraulic cylinders, by modifiable parameters like feed speed, retention time and push length of the single pushing floor elements as well as adjustable dosing rollers. Our main objective is the satisfaction of our customers.Anwendungsfall am besten geeignet ist.

Packing systems

No nets, wire or metal straps, but yet high-compaction of foreign body free input material and packaging of stable, storable round bales. How this works? The answer is simple - with our innovative RBS-2 Round Baling System. Our round baling packaging system packs all types of compressible waste and recyclable materials like domestic and residual waste, recyclables, substitute fuel or sawdust. To achieve trouble-free operation, high throughput and high compaction of the bales, it is recommended for the input material to be not bigger than 400 mm.

Magnet Stitions

You have probably seen one of EuRec standalone shredders with an overbelt magnet above the discharge conveyor. For complete waste treatment systems or for higher efficiency, often the separate magnet is requested, so this is when our magnet stations appear on the scene. According to customer’s request, we manufacture a suitable steelwork basic frame, on which the magnet is suspended. The pre-shredded material reaches the above the discharge conveyor installed overbelt magnet, is thrown against the lengthwise arranged magnet field of the magnet station, and iron parts, which have another trajectory than textiles or pieces of wood, are separated and discharged, they can be forwarded to another step of treatment or use.

EuRec Complete Systems

EuRec develop all stand-alone machines in a way, that they can easily be operated modular as part of complete waste treatment plants. The EUREC product line includes a full range of slow-speed shredders, dosing systems, separators, magnetic stations, and a packaging system. EuRec waste treatment plants separate wet organic fractions from metal and high-caloric or recyclable materials.